We are an organization founded on the simple principle of figuring out what works in a fight. Street, Sport, Grappling, Striking , Self Defense. We got you covered.

Who Is SBG?

Straight Blast Gym (SBG) is Celebrating its 30th year as an organization. We are on ever continent except Antarctica. (Penguins don’t seem interested in self defense). We were founded in Portland, Oregon and have trained some of the top fighters in the world in nearly every combat sports. Fighters like Connor Mcgregor, Randy Couture, and Forest Griffin to name a few have all trained under the SBG banner looking to improve their game. In 2022 SBG Bend opened up its incredible 6k Sq ft facility and is looking to train people of all skill levels and athletic abilities. We look forward to building a strong and safe community in Bend Oregon. Beginners Welcome!