The arena where we find out what really works in a fight .
MMA combines all fighting styles with limited rules. After the UFC burst on to the scene in the 90’s what original was called Vale Tudo “No Rules” fighting quickly be came Mixed Martial Arts. Our training methods can allow you to train in MMA regardless of your skill level. All are welcome from new beginner to people looking to become a world champion.

SBG internationally has produced some of the biggest names in the sport including Connor Mcgregor, Gunnar Nelson, Randy Couture, Forest Griffin, and many more. These same training method are used in our Bend Oregon Mixed Martial Arts programs. We offer safe effective training for the true beginner or the seasoned pro. Combing functional martial arts and positional sparring we can take portions of boxing, wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Muay Thai  and adapt that to work in the cage or on the streets for self defense. Call or Text to schedule a free tour of our Gym and take a class for free!